Do you want more fuel delivery customers?

If you’re a responsible fuel delivery supplier committed to the highest level of customer service, we can get you more fuel delivery business.

Our customers include construction companies, property remediation contractors, flood damage restoration companies, truck fleet operators, marina owners and boat owners, cable operators, equipment rental companies, shipyards, industrial painters and others who require diesel fuel, gasoline, lubricants and/or DEF for their fuel consuming assets.
We believe in transparency in fuel pricing and technology-enabled delivery tracking and invoicing which enables our customers to feel secure.

A Great Way to Increase your Truck Utilization

It’s FREE to sign up and participate

When was the last time someone offered you FREE advertising or lead generation? Never, right.  You have to pay for any of the traditional sources of advertising with absolutely no guarantee that you’ll get a positive return on investment.

  • Yellow Pages
  • Google pay-per-click
  • Search engine optimization
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Billboards
  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing

With them, you pay, and you get no guarantees.  With us, you pay nothing and you get a steady stream of new customers.

Do you have what it takes?

We earn our customers business by giving them what commercial fuel consumers have been asking for forever:  transparent pricing, reliable deliveries, quick invoicing and responsive customer service.   We expect the same from our fuel suppliers.

Our fuel network supplier partners meet the following requirements:

  • clear, transparent pricing
  • appropriate insurance, naming us as additional insured
  • drivers must have mobile phones to access our mobile app to report gallons
  • agree not to solicit our customers on jobs we assign to you

In exchange, we’ll be your best source of new business, for FREE.

Here’s How it Works

  • Our customer orders fuel from us
  • We email/text you the offer to deliver fuel
  • You have 10 minutes to accept the offer or it goes to another partner
  • You deliver fuel for us to our customer
  • Your driver enters the gallons delivered in our mobile app
  • You invoice us for the delivery
  • You get paid.

Suppliers’ Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the network as a supplier?

Unless your trucks are fully utilized and most in the industry are not, we can help you increase your truck utilization by delivering more volume per shift. By joining our network you enjoy the benefit of getting priority access to our deliveries within you delivery territory, adding incremental volume and thereby increasing profitability.

What does Fuel on Demand do for me?

We pay for all the marketing and advertising to acquire and retain customers; we make the sale, collect payment, generate delivery paperwork quickly and manage the customer relationship.

What are my responsibilities as a Fuel on Demand supplier?

Your only responsibility is to make the delivery and timely provide us with paperwork and our invoice.  Your primary responsibility is to do what you commit to doing so that we collectively provide an exceptional customer service experience.

How do I know when there is an order to be delivered?

You will have access to a password-protected supplier web portal where you log in (or access via our mobile app) to receive orders and post your deliveries. In addition, we will e-mail you all orders along with a purchase order number and specifying the price.

How soon do I have to make the delivery?

The delivery date will be specified in the order.  We provide mission critical fueling services, and sometimes it will be necessary to make same-day deliveries, although most deliveries will be for the next business day or later.