Industries Served

Fuel on Demand serves businesses in many different industries, providing diesel fuel, off-road diesel fuel, propane, lubricants and DEF to keep your business operating.  Whether you need fuel delivery, emergency fueling, generator fueling, fleet fueling, fuel tank rentals or any of our other fuel delivery services, we are here to help you.

We operate a painstakingly vetted national fuel supply network, providing fuel delivery for companies in a wide array of industries, including:

  • Construction - fuel delivery for home builders, contractors, mechanical contractors, electrical contractors and those involved in excavation, land clearing, paving, drywall, electrical, and all other trades at a construction site
  • Industrial Painting - fuel delivery for industrial painters who paint bridges, oil tanks, water tanks and other structures
  • Property Restoration - fuel delivery for desiccant dehumidifiers, generators and other fuel consuming assets deployed after floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, water main breaks and other natural and man made disasters.
  • Property management - fuel delivery for backup generators and emergency fuel deliveries for generators at office buildings, data centers, hotels and motels, stadiums, hospitals, assisted living centers and nursing homes, banks and many other types of real property, in the event of natural or man made disasters.
  • Fleets - fuel delivery for local, regional and national truck fleets such as freight companies, package delivery companies, armored vehicle services, food delivery companies and others who operate refrigerated trailers
    Waste management - business that haul trash, waste, refuse and junk need fuel delivery services.
  • Environmental services - businesses that perform environmental remediation and cleanup use fuel consuming assets that require fuel delivery services.
  • Rail - fuel delivery service for railroads including deliveries for locomotives and rail maintenance equipment such as grinders and other equipment that is powered by diesel fuel or propane.
    Special events - companies that provide services at parties, festivals, concerts, sporting events, circuses and other venues require fuel delivery to their equipment and generators.
  • General contractors - General contractors (and sometimes mechanical contractors or other construction companies) require propane or diesel fuel for temporary heat at construction seats or to provide fuel for drying equipment.
    Healthcare - Hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities serve a critical function in caring for our nation's sick and elderly individuals and thus they simply cannot afford to be without power. Yet, each year, there are blackouts, brownouts and power losses due to floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, frozen power lines and other emergencies.  We offer 24x7x365 fuel deliveries around the clock to ensure that you have diesel fuel to operate the generators at your healthcare facility.
    Hospitality -  Hotels have a responsibility to their customers to ensure that power stays on even during, and especially during, the most unpredictable and dangerous weather conditions. Without power, you will have unhappy customers and in today's world, with social media and review sites, word travels fast. Having a generator on-site is a good starting point, but is meaningless if you lack a reliable emergency fuel provider to deliver off-road diesel fuel for your generator during a crisis. We can help you create a plan to ensure that you have off-road diesel fuel for your generators at all times and we can deliver fuel for you quickly in an emergency.

     If you use fuel, you will save money with Fuel on Demand.