Fuel Management

What is fuel management?

Fuel management is a service that enables you to ensure you’re getting the best possible fuel prices for fuel delivery services and that your supplier is adhering to the price agreement.  When you hire us to manage your fuel buying, you are investing in fuel management services.  Fuel management comes in two flavors so to speak:  fuel management “light” and full wrap-around fuel management .

Why you need fuel management

When it comes to fuel management, what you don’t know could be dangerous to your bottom line.  We understand that you probably know your business inside and out.

Regardless of your business — whether it involves you delivering transportation, distribution, logistics, emergency property restoration, freight or package delivery, construction, landscaping, towing or any other business with fuel consuming assets – its your job to know your business cold.  And, we’re sure that you do. You’re the expert in your field.  You’re seasoned.  You’ve probably seen nearly everything in your industry and that type of experience is what makes you an expert.

But, most of the fuel consumers we’ve encountered over more than two decades in the fuel industry know nothing about fuel purchasing.  Worse yet, most of the folks who think they know how to protect themselves know less than the people who recognize how little they know. Because fuel is a very significant line item expense for companies with fuel consuming assets, you are wasting money, potentially thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars a year when you buy fuel without proper safeguards.

In contrast, all we do every day is refer fuel customers to reputable fuel suppliers that will adhere to our best practices for SmartFuel consumers