Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery Services

We provide fuel delivery services for businesses and homeowners throughout the United States. Commercial fuel deliveries are usually made from fuel trucks known as bobtails, which range in capacity from 2,800 gallons to 4,500 gallons in capacity.  Although we specialize in less than truckload deliveries, we also have the ability to deliver tractor trailer loads of diesel fuel, gasoline, heating oil and propane.  At the other end of the spectrum, we have access to hundreds of pickup trucks that are specially equipped with customized fuel trailers to enable us to access hard to reach locations, which become very important for fueling in the inner cities, and when we are called upon to fuel generators in remote locations in connection with our routine generator fueling service and our emergency fueling services following natural or man-made disasters.

Commercial fuel delivery services

Our commercial fuel delivery services include the delivery of diesel fuel, heating oil, gasoline and propane for businesses that use fuel for to power their vehicles or equipments, or to provide permanent or temporary heat for buildings and other structures.  We deliver fuel for businesses via wet hosing, truck-to-truck refueling or via small bulk deliveries into fuel tanks.  Sometimes we provide both wet hosing and bulk fueling at the same property in conjunction with a fuel tank rental.  This provides a layer of protection so that you know you always have fuel available even for straggler vehicles that may not be present on site during your scheduled refueling time.

With commercial fuel delivery services, you can either pay by credit card or ACH, or subject to our receipt and approval of your credit application, you may be able to qualify for credit terms as well.

Our commercial fuel delivery services are available to customers of all sizes and in any industry.  We have provided commercial fuel delivery services for: marinas, shipyards, electrical contractors, building supply companies, plumbing supply, manufacturers, food distributors, refrigerated trailers, generator rental, temporary heat, construction companies, general contractors, subcontractors, mechanical contractors, towing companies, freight and logistics firms, hotels, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and virtually any type of commercial business that you can imagine.  When it comes to commercial fueling, we are always available to take your cool and to make sure fuel is delivered economically, safely and on time.

In addition to diesel fuel and gasoline delivery, our commercial fuel delivery services include propane deliveries.  We are able to secure propane deliveries for your business or project.  Our commercial fueling service has provided propane for delivery to restaurants for heat and cooking, to businesses of all types that use forklifts to move freight or cargo, to construction contractors who require propane for temporary heat or process drying at construction sites of all types and sizes.  We understand that when you need temporary heat for your temporary heaters, you need it ASAP and that’s why we deliver 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  If you need 33# forklift cylinder exchange or on-site refueling, 100# cylinders for temporary heat in tight spaces, 420# cylinders for heat, cooking or temporary heat, 500-gallon or 1,000 gallon tanks for heat, cooking, drying, temporary heat, desiccant dehumidifiers, or for any other purposes, please contact us.  You won’t find more knowledgeable and dedicated propane fuel delivery representatives than ours.

Residential fuel delivery services

We offer two primary types of residential fuel delivery services.  First, we have decades of experience in helping homeowners reduce their heating oil costs.  To that end, we provide home heating oil deliveries in many Northeastern markets as well other markets where heating oil is used, such as the Pacific Northwest.  Second, we provide boat fueling, also sometimes referred to as marine fueling for those who own boats or yachts.  With our on-site boat fueling service, we can actually refuel your boat directly from our specialized fuel delivery truck, right at your house.  This tremendous value added service reduces your fuel costs and increases the amount of time you can be out on the water enjoying yourself instead of fueling your boat.

There are differences between fuel delivery companies

Not all fuel delivery companies are the same.  If you call half a dozen companies, you’d immediately see that companies have varying levels of commitment to customer service, fuel prices are all over the place, and many fuel delivery services open late and close early.  We actually answer our phones.  When you call us, you don’t get an answering service, but an actual fuel consultant, and if we’re all tied up helping other customers, we will call you back within no more than 15 minutes.  We have agents on both coasts so we can handle your fuel delivery requirements any hour of the day!  We want your fuel delivery business and will work hard to earn it.  Call us to see what we mean.