Emergency Fueling

Emergency Fuel Delivery Company

In addition to death and taxes, the other thing you can be certain about is that sometimes the unexpected happens.  When the unexpected consists of a flood, fire, tornado, hurricane, water main break, power outage, frozen lines or some other man-made or natural disaster, you may find yourself in need of an emergency fuel delivery company.

If you operate a truck fleet, where will you get your fuel in order to keep your trucks running if your pumps are down due to a power outage or your facility is flooded and you can’t access your on-site storage tanks?  Our experienced emergency fuel delivery professionals will deliver fuel to you via mobile fueling, delivering fuel directly from our fuel truck into the fuel tank of your truck.  You may also rent a skid tank from us or a fuel cube in order to ensure that you have a backup supply of fuel available throughout the emergency condition.

If you operate a building that is flooded either due to a water main break, water damage from a fire hose after a fire, frozen pipes, or a deluge of water after a major tropical storm or hurricane, you will need to dry out the building fast in order to enable your workers to get back to work so you can take care of your own customers, prevent the loss of critical data and records and prevent serious mold damage issues from arising.  The equipment used for structural drying usually includes desiccant dehumidifiers and/or large off-road diesel fuel powered or propane powered direct, or preferably indirect fired heaters, which do not reintroduce moisture into the space you’re trying to remediate.  The generators that run desiccant dehumidifiers require emergency fueling, as do the fuel or propane tanks supplying temporary heaters, as they must be refilled every 24 hours, sometimes twice a day to keep running. Often the first delivery will need to be made the same night that we get the call – even on weekends or holidays.  If you run out of fuel, your entire drying project may be ruined, delaying you from getting back to work and potentially exposing you to more costs.  An experienced emergency fueling company, like us, understands the time pressures associated with emergency fueling and we will deploy tanks, trucks and manpower quickly, whether you need emergency fueling for one generator

After a disaster like one of the natural disasters mentioned above, you will need emergency fuel delivery for temporary and/or permanent generators.  If your power is out and you are relying upon your backup generator for power, it is essential that you have a reliable source of supply.  Generators are common at places of public accommodation like hotels, malls, shopping centers, stadiums and public buildings. They also are required in many states at hospitals and nursing homes, for example, as well as many other types of buildings.  We take very seriously the fact that you have a responsibility to your vistors, guests, employees, residents and/or patients as the case may be, and we give emergency fuel delivery our highest priority.

Service Plans for Emergency Fueling Customers

One way to ensure that you will go to the front of the line in the event of an emergency is to purchase one of our emergency fuel business continuity plans.  With either our Platinum, Gold or Silver level of coverage, we can guarantee you a response time of as little as 8 hours in the event of an emergency and in the meantime, we’ll make sure that you have a full tank of off-road diesel fuel for your generator at all times in advance of the emergency to hold you over until we arrive.

Large Emergency Fueling Fleet and National Coverage

Our emergency fueling network includes fuel trucks, tanks and manpower in literally every state in the United States.  Our employees have managed emergency fueling projects of all types and sizes ranging from one 150kw generator all the way up to over 100 2 meg generators, including both propane and off-road diesel powered generators.  We have worked with many of the leading remediation contractors in the United States.  For more information about our emergency fueling capabilities and services, please contact us.