Diesel Fuel

What is Diesel Fuel?

Diesel fuel is the fuel used in the majority of trucks in the United States. According to the Energy Information Administration, more than 60 billion gallons of diesel fuel are consumed each year and of the 60 billion gallons, 38 billion gallons are used in on-road vehicles.  Diesel fuel used in on-road vehicles is clear (un-dyed) in contrast to off-road diesel fuel which is dyed red to ease tax enforcement. Clear diesel fuel, also known as on-road diesel fuel or ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel is subject to state and federal road taxes.

What types of Vehicles Use Diesel Fuel?

Diesel fuel powers all different types of trucks.  Trucks and machinery using diesel fuel include tractor-trailers, straight trucks, flatbed trucks, tow trucks, semi-trucks, car carriers, panel vans, bobtails, and even construction equipment such as dump trucks to the extent they travel on public roads. It is not uncommon for businesses to require both diesel fuel and dyed diesel fuel.  For example, a landscaper may require diesel fuel for their trucks and off-road, dyed diesel fuel for their mowers and equipment. Similarly, a construction company may require diesel fuel for its bulldozers and dump trucks which travel on public highways and dyed diesel fuel for the bulk of their construction machinery such as backhoes, excavators and other equipment.

How is Diesel Fuel Delivered?

Fleet operators have many options as to how they get diesel fuel delivered.  Some companies own their own on-site fuel storage tanks, typically ranging in size from 500 gallons up to 10,000 gallons.  Others wisely want to avoid the liability associated with owning and maintaining on-site fuel storage tanks, opting instead to rent a fuel tank, which shifts the liability and maintenance associated with the fuel tank to the tank’s owner. BENCHMARK MOBILE FUELING™, for example, can rent you a state-of-the art, double walled, fuel tank.  Another option is for your diesel fuel delivery to be via mobile fueling.  With mobile fueling, also known as wet hosing or direct truck-to-truck-refueling, a mobile fuel delivery service delivers fuel directly into the tank of your vehicles at night while the trucks are idle.  Many of the leading transportation, distribution and logistics companies and government agencies, such as Coca Cola, FedEx, Yellow Freight, Pepsi, J.B. Hunt, Brinks and many others use mobile fueling for some or all of their fueling requirements.  Sometimes, it makes sense to combine a fuel tank rental with mobile on-site fueling so that you get the benefits of outsourcing your fueling function (lower labor costs, reduce maintenance expenses, increase worker productivity) while maintaining some on-site storage for backup supply and to fuel vehicles that did not make it back to the depot in time for mobile fueling.

Diesel fuel delivery – Nationwide

Our diesel fuel delivery service is available nationwide.  We work with large national companies, providing a single source solution for all of your diesel fuel delivery needs as well as local and regional companies.  Whether you need fuel for a single truck, generator or backhoe or whether you need diesel fuel delivery service at many locations across the country, we can save you money.   For more information about our diesel fuel delivery service, please contact us.  We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to meet your diesel fuel delivery needs.