Mobile Fueling and Fuel Delivery Info.

What is mobile fueling?

Mobile fueling is a service where your fuel delivery company delivers fuel on-site for your your trucks, equipment, boats, cars or machinery.  Historically, you had to pump fuel into your own equipment, either at a gas station, card-lock or from an on-site fuel storage tank.  Mobile fueling changes that, saving you time and money, and reducing your liability associated with fuel storage and fuel dispensing.

The history of mobile fueling

Mobile fueling has been around for decades.   You can’t drive a huge bulldozer or crane into a gas station, so of course it’s necessary to refuel such equipment on-site.  For decades, construction equipment has been fueled on-site via mobile fueling.

The emergence of mobile fueling for trucks was more recent.  Surely in the 1980s some fuel distributors were dabbling with utilizing their trucks not only for bulk fuel delivery or heating oil delivery but also for direct truck-to-truck fueling on the customer’s property.  In the late 1990s, when the EPA enacted regulations requiring the upgrading with expensive leak detection and cathodic protection systems, or alternatively the removal of, underground tanks, many fleet operators with truck fleets that returned back to a local depot at the end of the shift began to evaluate outsourcing the fleet fueling function to mobile fueling companies, who began popping up to meet the demand for mobile fueling. Companies like U.S. Fleet Services were among the first to consolidate mobile fueling companies, building a multi-location platform for mobile fueling.  Other companies now offer regional service, but there is not a single company with trucks in all 50 states providing mobile fueling.

More recently, the emergence of on-demand services like Uber has led technology innovators to the create on-demand mobile fueling services for cars.  It is too early to tell how and whether these technology-enabled on-demand fueling services will be able to build sufficient route density for the mobile on-site fueling model to work in the context of fueling cars which typically only require 10-15 gallons of fuel per delivery, typically gasoline which is highly combustible, and which occurs in public places such as office parking lots or on the side of streets, unlike mobile fueling of diesel trucks or equipment which happens in designated, controlled areas under strict environmental and fire safety restrictions for safe mobile fueling.  Nevertheless, with many consumers seeking the convenience of

6 reasons to use Benchmark Mobile Fueling for on-site mobile fueling

Information, advice and money-saving tips for businesses that require mobile fueling, including fuel delivery, fuel tank rentals and fuel management.   Whether you require diesel fuel, gasoline, propane, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and/or lubricants, we will give you the tools, information and, if desired, the assistance to cut your fuel costs.

Main reasons customers will use our mobile fueling service:

  1. Great pricing. Transparent no-nonsense pricing, clearly disclosed, no salesmen
  2. Instant credit approval. Immediate credit decisions with 99.9% approvals
  3. Rapid invoicing. Get delivery tickets and invoice within minutes of delivery
  4. GPS delivery tracking. See when driver is on route and get ETA online.
  5. Single source. We operate the first & only North American comprehensive mobile fueling network.
  6. Easy to use. Our first-of-its-kind mobile app & website for ordering fuels and lubes.

What you get with your current fuel delivery company:

- Fuel pricing is at your fuel supplier’s whim

- Fuel delivery margins increase over time

- Wasted time negotiating with salespeople and tracking down paperwork

- No way to track deliveries and no promises regarding delivery times

- No night or weekend deliveries and no one who cares

- Complicated credit applications and long time to get decisions

We cut through the red tape.  AT LAST, you get fair, transparent fuel delivery pricing: Benchmark Mobile Fueling Features:

+ Prices benchmarked to wholesale cost and competitors local retail costs

+ See your price instantly; no delays haggling with salespeople

+ Instant credit approval, no waiting days, weeks or months for credit apps

+ Earn rewards for every gallon you purchase

+ Use our mobile app or the internet to track deliveries and get paperwor

We are a not only a full-service mobile fueling company, offering fuel delivery, fuel tank rentals, fuel management services and more, but also an information resource, providing tips to make you a more educated mobile fueling consumer, such as our free how-to Save on Fuel Delivery purchasing guide. Mobile fueling, which is a term used to described on-site fuel delivery, is a complicated logistics business.  In order to negotiate a fair deal with your mobile fueling company you need to understand something about your supplier’s operating costs — the fixed costs, variable costs and operational challenges that mobile fueling companies incur.  After all, companies that deliver fuel carry a hazardous material in expensive trucks and pay a lot of money for drivers, insurance, running fuels, licensing, vehicle repairs and other costs associated with operating fuel delivery trucks (also sometimes referred to as bobtails).  They are entitled to make a “fair” profit on their service and to compensate them for the risks they are taking in operating a fuel business.

The problem, however, as it relates to fuel pricing is that many mobile fueling companies hide the ball from you as it relates to fuel pricing. Most people have no idea how pricing is really derived for fuel delivery.  Educated fuel consumers, such as Fuel on Demand‘s clients, understand how fuel is priced, and moreover, they understand how fuel delivery companies use carefully crafted contract language to jack up their profit margins over time at your expense.  In addition to providing you with information to make you a smarter fuel consumer, we also offer a first of its kind, wrap-around, contingency fee based fuel management consulting services, supported by decades of experience on “the other side of the fence” as a fuel delivery company, where we guarantee that we will cut your mobile fueling costs and monitor your fuel delivery vendor to ensure compliance with the contract terms that we negotiate on your behalf. And, the best part of our mobile fuel consulting service is that there’s absolutely no cost to you.  If we don’t save you money we don’t get paid and we like to get paid so be prepared to save money. When was the last time you heard a mobile fueling company say that?  Never, right.

Mobile fueling begins with the selection of the right mobile fueling service provider. You need to do some research before entrusting a mobile fueling company to deliver fuel, one of your largest expense items, on your behalf.  In choosing the right mobile fueling company for your fuel delivery needs, it is essential to evaluate suppliers’ contractual terms and conditions, as well as their responsiveness, availability, personalized attention to your needs, administrative convenience and commitment to safety.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel delivery must be on-time to keep your trucks or equipment moving and they must be 0n-budget to help you earn a profit and stay within your budget.   Late fuel deliveries, missed fuel deliveries and/or expensive fuel deliveries can mean the difference between making money and losing money on your job. Fuel is typically one one of your largest expense items.  As a result, choosing The Right Fuel Delivery Company is essential.

This page described the fuel products sold by commercial fuel delivery companies like Fuel on Demand™. You get a wide array of fuel delivery services ranging from highly labor intensive wet hosing, which is a mobile on-site fueling service, to small bulk drops and even full transport load deliveries, delivering petroleum products for companies in hundreds of industries served.

This website educates you as to the difference between a fuel delivery company and the Right Fuel Delivery Company, teaching you how to reduce your fuel costs and the time and expense associated with purchasing fuel.  For those who simply want to order fuel delivery now, we make it easy for you by connecting you immediately with fuel vendors who are part of the Fuel on Demand™ network and who have agreed to stick to our transparent price pledge .  You’ll notice the difference between fuel delivery companies immediately, as we pledge to respond to your inquiry within 10 minutes of the time we receive it, even at night and on holidays.

Rent Fuel Tanks

You may already know that you need to rent fuel tanks for your fleet fueling or jobsite fueling needs. Renting a fuel tank at your terminal, depot, yard, construction site, project site or jobsite provides two distinct advantages:  (1) it can reduce your cost for fuel by enabling your supplier to make larger and faster deliveries than via mobile on-site refueling directly into equipment; (2) it significantly reduces the likelihood that you will run out of fuel, which results in costly downtime.  `This page discusses in more detail the advantages when you rent fuel tanks for commercial fuel delivery projects.

Fuel Management

Fuel management is where you outsource the process of selecting, negotiating with and managing your fuel delivery requirements.  Fuel management is increasingly popular because companies ranging from large national corporations to small local businesses recognize that securing high quality, reliable, competitively priced and honest fuel delivery services is integral to the success of your business.  Using fuel management services is a smart, common-sense approach to managing fuel; it eliminates the need to find vendors, negotiate pricing and contract terms and audit their performance to make sure that they are sticking to the agreement.  Moreover, Fuel Management is free.  To get a quote, please contact us.