Fuel delivery services

Mobile on-site refueling leader, Fuel on Demand™, provides a nationwide fuel supplier network for contractors, fleets, property restoration companies, property managers and other who need diesel fuel, gasoline, DEF, propane or lubricants for their fuel consuming assets.  Using our own assets, including in some cases our own trucks and drivers and in others are proven, hand-selected network of fuel delivery professionals who meet our rigorous standards, Fuel on Demand™ provides fuel mobile on-site refueling services for companies ranging in save from local businesses who only need fuel delivered once at a single location to national companies who contract with us to manage their fuel logistics across many locations throughout the United States.

We love fuel delivery challenges

The meat and potatoes of our business is to deliver on-road diesel fuel, off-road diesel fuel, gasoline, propane, DEF and lubricants at construction sites, fleet depots, property restoration projects and facilities where generators are used to provide standby power.  But, our experience goes well beyond that.  Where we really shine is when you need fuel in a remote location after hours during an emergency.  If fuel isn’t there your equipment will shut down.  Most fuel companies go home at 4 or 5 in the afternoon and turn over their phones to an answering service.  You can waste time making 50 phone calls and maybe you’ll find someone who can make the delivery for you.  We’ve already done the work to identify who is reliable and who is not, who has the right insurance and who doesn’t.  Who will do what they promise when it comes to timely, accurate, professional fuel delivery and who won’t.  And, we get wholesale pricing that you could not possibly get on your own.  When you hire us to deliver your fuel, you save time and money.

We will cut your cost for fuel delivery services

Buying fuel, arranging for fuel to be delivered where and when you need it, and following up to make sure that the delivery arrives on time is just one aspect of your job.  It’s our ONLY job.  We have negotiated thousands of fuel delivery agreements and would venture to say that no one in the United States has more direct experience with fuel delivery pricing and fuel delivery logistics for fleets, contractors and remediation companies than Fuel on Demand™.  We know all the tricks of the trade, and we marshall our decades of knowledge and experience for our clients’ benefit.

Different flavors of fuel delivery services for different pallets

Some people like the cost- savings and convenience that comes with outsourcing your mobile refueling delivery to Fuel on Demand™, via our wet hosing, direct truck-t0-truck fueling service.  Others prefer to control their own fueling activity by self-fueling from a tank rented from Fuel on Demand™ through our fuel tank rental program. Some companies like to combine wet hosing with a fuel tank rental in order to gain the benefits of direct truck-to-truck or truck-to-equipment refueling while at the same time having a backup supply of fuel in case of an emergency.  Using a combination of wet hosing and fuel tank rentals we provide mobile fueling services as follows:

  • wet hosing
  • fuel delivery
  • fuel tank rentals
  • fuel management
  • emergency fueling
  • mobile fueling
  • boat fueling
  • construction fueling