Construction Fueling

Fuel Delivery at Construction Sites

On-site fuel delivery is essential at construction sites.  Construction equipment, such as bulldozers, excavators, cranes, milling machines, backhoes, dredging equipment and other machinery must be refueled on-site at a construction site. Anyone who operates construction equipment understands that it is expensive to move construction equipment even a few inches much less the distances that may be required to get to a stationary tank on-site. Furthermore, self-fueling by way of a fuel tank, can lead to inventory shrinkage (fuel theft), spills and liability for environmental contamination, down time and difficulty tracking fuel consumption in each piece of equipment.

Fuel tanks are useful as a backup source of supply at construction sites and may work as a primary source of supply for smaller, more mobile, equipment.  Some construction companies operate their own fuel trucks for some or all of their construction fueling needs, but even when they do they usually need to supplement it with outsourced on-site construction fueling services because your fuel truck can’t be everywhere you need it to be.  Moreover, operating a fuel truck subjects you to increasingly stringent DOT, EPA, Department of Revenue and other laws and regulations governing the transportation and delivery of fuel.  It increased your insurance and administrative expense associated with recordkeeping. Accordingly, to the extent it makes sense at all for a construction company to maintain their own fuel truck, it only makes sense for the largest companies and projects.

Reduce Fueling Costs and Increase Efficiency at Your Construction Site

It has long been the case that construction fueling took place at construction sites by way of mobile fueling, where fuel is delivered directly from your fuel company’s truck into the fuel tank of your machine. An experienced construction fueling company will deliver off-road diesel fuel directly into your equipment, while your equipment is not operating.  With our 24-hour delivery services we will design a schedule that ensures your machinery is fueled during down time.  When you utilize our construction fueling services, you reduce unproductive labor time spent on self-fueling, freeing up your employees to focus on other, more profitable tasks.

Safety in Construction Fueling

We have a long history in managing construction fueling projects.  We ensure that trucks used to deliver fuel at your construction site are configured for the rigors of construction fueling including adequate lighting and 150’ of hose. With drivers who specialize in fueling construction equipment, you can be confident that unlike companies that only dabble in construction fueling, we understand the difference between your hydraulic fluid tank and your fuel tank.  Many fuel companies do not understand this, and a mistaken delivery can damage your engine and lead to extensive downtime.  Don’t entrust your most valued assets to a fuel company that lacks experience in construction fueling.

We deliver more than just fuel for construction equipment

We deliver the peace of mind that comes from knowing your fuel supply knows how to fuel machinery at a construction site, has the proper PPE to make your risk management department at OSHA happy, maintains the proper insurance coverage for the industry, works with you to ensure that fuel gets delivered regardless of the weather, is proactive in suggesting solutions for building an effective fuel delivery partnership.  Delivering fuel at a construction site is not as simple as it may appear to the uninitiated.  We have undertaken thousands of construction fueling transactions and we know how it is done. Whether it’s safely lowering a fuel hose into a deep hole to reach a piece of machinery or providing fuel on a bridge during an industrial painting project to fueling hundreds of pieces of machinery during a road reconstruction or tunnel project, we’ve been there.

Nationwide Fuel Delivery for Construction Projects

Our construction fueling associate network includes dozens of pre-screened fuel companies that understand the unique requirements of construction fueling.  Therefore, we eliminate one of the main problems for regional and national construction companies which is to find a single fuel supplier to manage all of your construction fueling needs.

For more information about our construction fueling services, please contact a construction fueling sales associate.